S Solutions Scale-Out Storage

S Solutions Global Namespace Scale-Out Storage (GNSOS) Solutions allow your projects to install a storage solution that can grow out laterally in the future. Pay as you grow and pay when you need it.

S Solutions Scale-Out Storage

SRN2L24+FC- High Density Enterprise 2U 24-bay

●Enterprise Hardware RAID Protection ●High Performance 8G SSD OS Disk (upgradable to Dual SSD OS Mirrored for higher level OS protection) ●Supports hardware RAID 0, 1, 1+0, 5, 6, 10, 30, 50, 60 with global or dedicated hot-spare ●Support for 12G & 6G SAS or SATA III 8TB hard drives

SRN2L24+FC- High Density Enterprise 2U 24-bay

SRD4J24S12/R12 - 4U 24-Bay 12Gb/s Enterprise SAS JBOD

Highest Density Available - 4U 24-bay High Density Storage Design - Support the 2.5” / 3.5" enterprise class 12Gb/6Gb SAS/SATA HDD or SSD drives High Availability - Single or Dual 12Gb SAS JBOD Expander controller module - Each SAS JBOD controller module consist of three 4x mini SAS HD ports

SRD4J24S12/R12 - 4U 24-Bay 12Gb/s Enterprise SAS JBOD

Technology Partners

Technology Partners

Software Partners

vmware_logo.jpg VMware is a leading provider of virtulization technology software. Its ESXi, ESX, Vsphere allows virtulization of multiple servers or workstation to co-exist using only one physical computer or server hardware. Vmware helps to reduce computer hardware purchase, eletricity and cooling cost and also provide an easy to manage virtualized server enviroment ready for production network or in lab environment.

microsoft_logo.jpg Microsoft is a worldwide leader in computer/server operating system & productivity software. Its Window 2003, 2008 Home server product provides customer excellent value by offering network sharing and FTP service in one small package using simple to use Microsoft GUI interface. S-Solutions Provides a full line of storage system based on Windows 2003, 2008 Home server.

tigertechnology_logo.jpg Tiger Technology, a leading software developer of high performance storage area networking (SAN) management software. Its metaSAN is widely used in studio environment worldwide. MetaLAN allows simultaneous access to the SAN storage volume via Fibre channel or iSCSI to provide high speed data transfer to the SAN storage device shared by a number or servers or high-performance graphical workstations.

Hard Drive Partners

hitachi_logo.jpg The vision of Hitachi Global Storage Technologies (Hitachi GST) is to provide storage devices and systems that inspire, lead and enable customers worldwide to engage in the escalating environment of a digital lifestyle. The company provides a wide range of products that includes advanced hard disk drives, enterprise-class solid state drives, and innovative external storage solutions and services that store, preserve and manage the world’s most valued data.

seagate_logo.jpg With more than a quarter century of industry expertise, Seagate continues to be the driver of innovative solutions for the storage industry. Today no other hard drive manufacturer matches Seagate’s breadth of solutions. With dozens of solutions products covering home computing to enterprise data centers, Seagate delivers advanced solutions for every industry that requires digital storage.

westerndigital_logo.jpg Businesses take advantage of Western Digital’s high quality and reliability with its enterprise drives in their servers and expansive corporate storage systems, quickly providing critical information to their workers. WD’s green storage leadership enables these businesses to significantly reduce their data centers’ carbon footprint, while increasing their capacity and saving money with lower power consumption.

samsung_logo.jpg Samsung offers a broad selection of hard disk drives for a variety of applications. Whether for portable use, in desktops and notebook PCs, consumer electronics, or enterprise servers, there’s an HDD to fit the need. Our latest drives, the EcoGreen and STORY Station drives, deliver performance at extremely lower power providing one of the best performance/warranty/cost ratio in the industry.

amp_logo.jpg Based in Southern California, USA, AMP products are available worldwide to a wide array of businesses and industries. It specializes in custom DRAM and Flash Memory Modules including Military grade 2.5" SSDs (solid state disks in both SLC & MLC formats). Every product is backed by AMP INC.'s commitment to the highest quality and the fastest turnaround times possible

Networking Device Partners

qlogic_logo.jpg QLogic is an industry and technology leader by virtue of its leadership positions in industry organizations and track record of being first to introduce innovative new technology. Located in Aliso Viejo, California, USA, QLogic is a global leader and technology innovator in high performance networking, including adapters, switches and ASICs. Leading OEMs and channel partners worldwide rely on QLogic products for their data, storage and server networking solutions.

chelsio_logo.jpg With its proven Terminator ASIC technology designed in more than 100 OEM platforms and the successful deployment of more than 100,000 ports, Chelsio has enabled unified wire solutions for LAN, SAN and cluster traffic.  With its unique ability to fully offload TCP, iSCSI and iWARP protocols on a single chip, Chelsio’s adapter cards unburden communications responsibilities and processing overhead from servers and storage systems, resulting in a dramatic increase in application performance.

lgericsson_logo.jpg LG-Ericsson USA officially launched its brand into the North American market offering a broad portfolio of innovative, scalable end-to-end data and voice networking solutions for businesses ranging in size from small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to large enterprises. LG-Ericsson USA, formerly Edgecore Networks, Inc., is a joint venture between Korea-based LG-Ericsson Co., Ltd., a leading provider of cutting-edge telecommunication solutions, and Taiwan-based Accton Technology Corporation, a global provider of voice and data networking solutions.

blade_logo.jpg BLADE Network Technologies (BLADE) is a leading provider of high-performance, low-latency, lossless, low-power and low-cost Ethernet switches, as well as Virtual Machine-aware network virtualization and management solutions for enterprise data centers. BLADE’s blade switches, top-of-rack RackSwitch™ family and VMready™ and BLADEHarmony Manager™ software are key elements of BLADE’s Unified FabricArchitecture™ (UFA).

RAID HBA Partners

atto_logo.jpg ATTO Technology, Inc., headquartered in Amherst, New York, is a global leader of storage connectivity and infrastructure solutions for data-intensive computing environments. It is our vision to provide a wide range of end-to-end solutions to help customers better store, manage and deliver their data. We believe that our company's experience in engineering advanced technology into real-world product solutions provides customers a unique competitive advantage

lsi_logo.jpg LSI Corporation is a leading provider of innovative silicon, systems and software technologies that enable products which seamlessly bring people, information and digital content together. We offer a broad portfolio of capabilities and services including custom and standard product ICs, adapters, systems and software that are trusted by the world's best known brands to power leading solutions in the storage and networking markets.

highpoint_logo.jpg HighPoint Technologies, Inc. is a professional, host-based, RAID controller manufacturer. For more than 15 years, we’ve dedicated ourselves towards the manufacturing and deployment of quality, robust, cutting edge RAID host adapters based on the latest storage interfaces delivering our field-proven products to corporations, system builders, and individual consumers worldwide.